Inspirational quotes for hard times

We all face challenges in our lives. We may have been affected by a natural disaster, losing a job or at home because of the economic situation, had a health crisis lost a loved one or a relationship has ended.

When life is difficult, I try to remember and live by these 3 inspirational quotes.

1. I am only given what I can handle

“I know God is to me not something I can not handle, I wish he trusted me so much ..” – Mother Teresa
This conviction keeps me grounded and relatively quiet when it feels like everything falls apart. It changes the focus to something more constructive – somehow that this challenge will help me grow and to serve my life (and who I feel) in the long run. Otherwise it would be easy to fall victims with a mode of thinking, being and acting.

I took this faith in my youth, and read recently mention Mother Teresa. During the last song seems funny, I wonder how she felt when she said.

2. Looking for the gift

“Amid all the difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein
When faced with a difficult situation, I try to remember to ask – what is great about this? (That all the words you want to use. Where’s the good in all that is the jewel or learning, etc?)

This moves my eye look at all possible negative consequences may or may not get to watch the gift of the situation. It allows me to stay calm and look for solutions.

3. If you are a victim or Victor?

“In my darkest hours I had a choice I could be a victim or a winner ..” – Wynonna Judd on Oprah
No matter what happens in our lives, we can decide how we respond. We get to choose our attitude. We can choose, I’m sorry for us and be a victim, or we can choose to rise above.

Years ago, I had to undergo dental surgery and I was feeling really stressed. Then it hit me – this method would no matter what happened I felt. I could choose, scared and mad that I even needed the procedure or I could choose to relax. I chose the latter and it makes a big difference.

What do you call the face, you do not need, to understand it alone.Find someone you can speak both emotional and strategic. As a species we are very resourceful and can find a way. You can also


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