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Inspirational quotes for hard times

We all face challenges in our lives.We may have been affected by a natural disaster, losing a job or at home because of the economic situation, had a health crisis lost a loved one or a relationship has ended. When life is difficult, I try to remember and live by these 3 inspirational quotes. 1. I am only given what I can handle “I know God is to me not something I can not handle, I wish he trusted me so much ..” – Mother Teresa This conviction keeps me grounded and relatively quiet when it feels like everything falls apart.

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Inspirational Quotes for the Soul Discouraged

They both obstacle sometimes, where one is low, you simply ask someone to throw you some inspirational quotes. Here are some quotes choice and inspiring ways to apply it in real life.

1. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why we have this call. – Babatunde Olatunji

Most people putting their goals too high for the future is almost impossible to achieve a realistic timetable. Do not complain about the past. Whatever you do, has the weather did not return that day, you made a mistake. As high maintenance at the moment. Who knows, maybe you regret the time you never had the chance, the roller coaster ride if you still can.

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